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About Us

Return Touch was established by A.G Mondal, M.S Rahman as well as their advocate S. Biswas. It was developed in 2010. We are accredited as an E-Return Intermediary by the Income Tax Department of India. In addition, the company is also recognized by the Commercial Taxes of West Bengal Govt. and UTI PAN Service of India.

Our Vision

Return Touch desires to become a known name in the global arena of assurance and consultation services. It aims to do the same by adhering to a strict code of conduct and ethics, and seeks to revolutionize the profession by developing and nurturing talent both at a local and global level.

Our Mission

Return Touch as a company has taken upon itself the mission of providing high standards of personalized services to clients. The services shall include, but shall not be limited to, finance accounts, consultancy services, organizational management optimization and company performance evaluation. The unique solutions by Return Touch are provided keeping in mind the financial growth of the clients.

Our Value

Return Touch seeks to provide to its clients multi-faceted solutions to their problems. This is done by understanding the client's vison as well as their long term plan.

The market situation is quite volatile. In such an environment, it is essential to explore the strong points of your organizations and negate the weak ones. Anything contrary to this could be dietrimental to your organization. This is why we offer you highly effective services such as accountancy, book keeping, consultancy services, risk management, stretegic development of the organization, technology and human capital development. As you can see, we offer you various solutions to help every facet of your company.

We are certain that you shall like our service because of two reasons. First of all, we offer a much better quality services than most of our contemporaries. Secondly, all our services are provided in a highly personalized manner. In other words, they are structured according to your individual requirements since the desires of two customers are never the same.

You shall be benefitted by these, and other, unique services at the Return Touch. Contact us and see the Return Touch difference yourself!

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